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  1. Bald Faced Pony


Bald Faced Pony (Key of C)

A boy, I played toy horses
of colors that weren’t real
and wore a pair of the smallest
of cowboy boots
I wished for a little ole’ cayuse
to ride where Will James paints
I’ve heard say that some
we’re just born to ride

I'll ride my bald faced pony
ride outta’ve here
and when I taste the sands
of New Mexico, then I’ll know

To hitch my bald faced pony
to nearest hitchin’ pole
in the smallest western ghost town
with a waterin’ hole
I’ll stare my bald faced pony
deep into his sky blue eyes
and thank him for the journey
my cowboying dream

I’ve rode my bald faced pony
as far as he would ride
the weight of my heavy body
he could not hide
It’s just too much for a pony
I stay behind survived
and sent him into the desert
to free his soul