His Story

A Half-Time Cowboy, Byron Falk lives in a modern world, but carries an old western heart. Rural roots and early in life exposure to the sad sounds of country and bluegrass has surely contributed. Despite a late start in music, learning to play strong rhythm guitar and a couple of bluegrass licks provided the platform for a very organic and classic country sound. The band has played summer music festivals, community fair's, theaters and barn lofts - sharing the stage with many talented players.

From a young boy to grown man, Byron's been surrounded by music. The Falk name has supported many concerts in the last 40 years. "My Grandma and Grandpa started with a family band, my aunt and uncle joined them. Playing Martin guitars and singing bluegrass gospel music." Now 4 decades later - in the form of Roots Country - another Falk takes the stage. Just this time he's backed by the Half-Time Cowboys.

Staying true to the western art of Cowboy songs, both in lifestyle and lyric, the songs are sure to impress. They’re stories of horses, loneliness and heartache, and horses again. Byron spends several evenings a week on the backs of horses; training, riding and competing. "I won't be an impostor, if I'm going to sing this stuff, I've got to live it", he's said. But this is only a portion of his life. "I love culture, and stories. The arts fascinate me", says Byron, who doesn't realistically earn his wages on horseback.
His plans include purchasing the family land, where his Grandfather, Peter - the Falk patriarch grew up. "Now that everyone is done subdividing and breaking up the land into fence lines and yard sites, there's realistically only 40 acres left to me.. of the 360 they purchased in the 1940's. The intention is to not let those out of sight."

We're all multifaceted creatures and Byron is no exception. He's made temporary home in a small place in the heart of Winnipeg- it's all part and parcel of having a "job in the town", as Byron's wrote about. It’s just this time of life, the world is different now.

By soulful, baritone delivery, His witty Cowboy songs, hurting ballads and confessions of the wandering soul are sure to connect with people. Byron claims his own version of country music, from the most realistic perspective he could. Inspiration flows from a life with horses, and uncovering the Canadian prairies.

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