Longtime Prairie Rambler (Key of D)

Momma’s always askin’, why you ramblin’ all around
It’s a cold, dark world, out there
as for me I am thinkin’, I’m my own best friend
she said son do you really think, so high of yourself
God knows where you’re going, but I’ll pray for you

Stumbled into medicine town, no place to hang a hat
until the boys from the army, took me in
It’s a long late night at Cecil’s, shootin’ whiskey, shootin’ pool
I think I’ll find myself a place to lay my head
for tonight, for only God knows where I am

I’m a longtime prairie rambler, I’ve rambled all around
from Alberta, to the hills of Saskatchewan
The moon shines brighter, under prairie stars
but the mountains are really, what my valley needed

People all are askin’ when will you settle down
find a wife, and raise up a family
for tonight it’s just me and Angela
but she’s got a man waiting for her back in the U.K
she’s the woman to turn a man from his ramblin’ ways

I’m often caught wonderin’ If I’ll have to die young
cause’ my soul got old so fast
when I pass, take me down from the mountain
then find me a peaceful valley and bury my body
don’t pray for me I’ll finally home I’ll pray for you